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We are looking for partners!

Let's accelerate the green transition together!

For over 20 years, the Energy Agency for Southeast Sweden has developed and influenced the local and regional energy ecosystem through various initiatives. The work has given us a fantastic knowledge of “our” system, with its networks, individuals, strategies, goals and technical systems.

And through many years of cross-border cooperation in Europe, we have also gained insight in the machinery of other systems. In short - we have a wide perspective as well as state-of-the-art competence.

The local, national and global energy ecosystems are in transformation - and we; energy agencies and regions, possess important knowledge and effective tools for preparing, investigating and implementing a sustainable energy solution.

By combining our skills and knowledge with yours -  we can accelerate the green transition together! Contact us.

In this newsletter you can read about our successes that you may learn from, the competence we may contribute with and our region's ambitions to participate in the green transition.

With new calls – now is the time to act!

We are exited for the new programme period! It is with a great interest we're investigating the new opportunities for project development and project implementation that can give us the important possibilities to continue our crucial work.

We take pride in our external monitoring. We know what has already been done and have identified the next obstacle to overcome – we are ready to take a step forward! 

Partner matchmaking

For many years, we have developed our network, and we currently collaborate with numerous private and public bodies, research institutes and energy agencies all across Europe.

If we aren’t the perfect match for you – please let's work together to find partners for each other!

Successful accomplishments

Down below we list a few of our recent accomplishments that show what skills and knowledge we may contribute with.  

Analysis of energy usage

During the past years we have, within the frames of European, national and regional projects, supported regions and municipalities with analysis of their energy usage, visualized with so called sankey-diagrams. This is a useful tool for developing energy plans and policies. For questions regarding this analysis, please contact Göran Gustavsson.

Sustainable freight solustions

We have developed systems for sustainable freight solutions in cities, most recently by introducing the use and procurement of cargo bikes within the public sector. We have also had a focus on successful implementation of mobility management projects. 

Speaking of cargo bikes... on October 14th we host an international conference on cargo bike solutions for smaller cities - check it out and register on

Education on green procurement

By eductating municipal procurement officers, we have enhanced the knowledge of the power of public procurement as a strategic tool for a green transition. For questions, please contact our Managing Director Christel Liljegren.

Energy efficient buildings

By interregional exchange, we have supported local authorities to develop their long-term strategic work for energy efficiency in buildings. For questions, please contact Lena Eckerberg

Efforts to maintain a robust electrical system

We have an ongoing work to improve the conditions for wind and solar power in our region. We have also recently highlighted the weak points in the electrical system in the southern county of Blekinge, in order to set in motion a process to begin strengthening the system. For questions, please contact Pierre Ståhl or Johan Milton

Develope a biogas project with us!

Now that you know a bit about what we can do, we start with sharing a project idea!

Biogas (LBG) goes to sea

Biogas is well known for its great environmental value as a renewable fuel, and up to now it has been a part of public transports in many countries, but that is a reality that is changing. We have all seen an increasing interest for liquefied biogas (LBG) for heavy transport and maritime use, not only from producers, but above all from the EU when solutions for road transports are to be mainly solved by electrification and hydrogen.

The maritime market is although not very prepared, or coordinated, for an increasing use of LBG for LNG ships. A project is needed in order to improve the conditions and prepare a better market for the use of biogas for maritime transports. 

If you are interested in developing a project and to identify upcoming suitable calls on European or Baltic Sea level, please contact the coordinator for our regional Biogas network, Tommy Lindström. 

Phone: 0046 735-448629

Calls and fields we are interested in

Now we move on to interesting calls that we would like to take part in. Can we cooperate in any of the following?

LIFE - Technical support to clean energy transition plans and strategies in municipalities and regions

There is still all long way to a sustainable energy system. The municipalities and regions are striving to develop energy transition plans, but we see a gap between political will on national level and skills and actions on local level. In this call we see opportunity to fully support our owners, the public sector in the Southeast Sweden to take important steps to boost the green transition. Can we do this together? Go to call.

LIFE - Developing support mechanisms for energy communities and other citizen-led initiatives in the field of sustainable energy

Go to call.

HORIZON - Supporting the action of consumers in the energy market and guide them to act as prosumers, communities and other active forms of active participation in the energy activities

Go to call

Swedish legislation makes it difficult for Energy communities to be profitable and support structures remain limited. The transposition of the new European regulations will be crucial for the future of RES prosumerisms’ development in Sweden as the example shows that energy transitions do not require citizens’ initiatives to be successful. Therefore we find the above calls very interesting. We are open for suggestions for partnership for further developing this in our corner of Europe.

HORIZON - Market Uptake Measures of renewable energy systems

This call is interesting to us since we are experienced within the fields of biomass, wind energy i.e. knowledge exchange, develop tools, handbooks etc and knowledge about technology for electricity/heat production, storage, and grids. We are also interested in projects supporting the development on solar fields on regional level, i.e. facilitate the process of permissions and spatial planning. How about you? Go to call

Interreg Seed money call

Last but not least: the Interreg programmes. In an interregional context of South Baltic, Baltic or Europe, we are searching for a future collaboration within the sector of green transition. The seed money call is open now! Go to call.

Concerning hydrogen

For general information - we are interested in any ideas concering the development of production, or distribution, of renewable hydrogen.

Contact us

If anything of the above sounds interesting to you, please contactour Head of Development, Lena Eckerberg.

Phone:0046 734-40 82 75

More about us

We are the Energy Agency for Southeast Sweden – 20 employees and experts seated in the beautiful coastal area by the Baltic Sea. 

We are a non governmental organisation, owned by municipalities and regions in Southeast Sweden. Our aim is to support and facilitate improvements in energy efficiency and increase the supply of renewable energy sources, through initiatives and activities towards private and public operators. 

Our experts have a broad and deep competence in terms of knowledge, skill and experience through practice and education in sustainable transports and fuels, energy efficient housing and building, biomass for heat and power, solar energy, wind power and much more. Our fields of expertise also cover knowledge in behavioural changes, strategic planning, sustainable procurement, circular economy, and sustainable business development. 

Energy Agencies Sweden is the national umbrella organization that supports the 15 regional energy agencies located throughout the country.

We are also members of FEDARENE, an organization with over 80 members across 23 countries in the European Union. FEDARENE brings together regional and local energy agencies, ministries and departments who implement, coordinate and facilitate sustainable energy and environment policies.

Visit our website for more information

The Energy Agency for Southeast Sweden aims to support and facilitate improvements in energy efficiency and increase the supply of renewable energy sources, through initiatives and activities towards private and public operators.

Visit our website or follow us in social media.


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