World Oceans Day!

Celebrate the sea! Today, 8 June, is World Oceans Day, a day to remind everyone of the important role that oceans have in everyday life. In Helsingborg, the sea is our neighbour, and it has been one of our most important resources throughout the city’s long history. This is still the case, and within the framework of H22, several initiatives are underway to preserve the environment beneath the surface.

Oceanhamnen – our blue expo area 

During H22 City Expo, which kicks off next summer, special focus will be on four geographical main areas: Oceanhamnen, Gröningen, Drottninghög, and the City Centre. At Oceanhamnen, water will be the element that ties things together. This, coupled with the vibrant environment by the sea, will have Oceanhamnen bursting with life and activity during H22 City Expo.

Curiosity and playfulness meet science and knowledge under the theme Open up for Circularity. Why not talk about sustainable development with the world’s experts. Or visit the showroom at Reco Lab, a unique facility that manages water and food waste from Oceanhamnen’s homes and businesses through three separate sewer pipes – waste that can be recycled to become nutrient pellets for agriculture or biofuel for the city’s buses!

In Oceanhamnen, exciting water activities will be mixed with new learning about life under the surface, and why not round it off with some idyllic dining along the sparkling coast. There’s something for everyone! Make sure not to miss this and all the other exciting experiences during H22 City Expo!

> Learn more about Oceanhamnen and our main areas

> Three pipes are smarter than one! 

The sea is your neighbour

Since the sea is our neighbour in Helsingborg, it’s important to preserve, improve, and shine a light on life below the surface. The world's oceans cover more than 70 per cent of the earth, and healthy marine environments are crucial for the sustainable development our planet needs. The oceans provide us with food as well as energy, and their ecosystem produces more than half of all the oxygen on earth. In addition, almost a third of the carbon dioxide produced by humans is absorbed by the oceans, which is something that mitigates climate change.

In order to work with the UN’s global goals for sustainable development, several projects are taking place within the framework of H22 that have a sea theme. The projects are pushing the boundaries of urban planning beyond the piers to create a better quality of life both above and below the surface. Today on World Oceans Day, the plans are being presented during an outdoor evening lecture in the Environment Department’s courtyard, where you can also ask questions. The lecture will be held in Swedish. 

“What would happen if we took a new approach and designed a sewer system built to recycle resources? Well, we’d be doing exactly what we already know to do with waste, separating sewage at the source!”

Hamse Kjerstadius, Development Engineer shares the thinking behind the Three Pipes Sewer System 

Look beneath the surface – from land

Soon it won’t be just divers who’ll be able to explore life below the waves in Helsingborg. H22 partner EC Solutions is working together with the Environment Department to shine a light on the local underwater environment. A camera is placed under the surface which visitors can control in real time from an installation on the pier, or surf in digitally from the comfort of their sofa!

“We want it to be easier to connect with the ocean. To create a relationship with the marine environment through awareness and curiosity about the biodiversity and habitat that’s actually very close by.” Stina Bertilsson Vuksan, marine biologist, Environment Department

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