The Astrid Lindgren Memorial Awards. Photo Christian Farcher.

We are moving towards a new year and a loud thank you to all of our audiences! As well as big thankyous to co-workers, performers, producers, collaborators and funding organisations. 2021 has been a trying year alongside inspiring and exciting projects, pandemic or not.

Some of our highlights:

In May we created a commissioned prize ceremony for The Astrid Lindgren Memorial Awards. We danced in Astrid’s apartment, flew over the park nearby, and danced inspired by two fantastic authors from South Korea and France. Thank you Astrid for this exciting opportunity. See more of this here...

In June we performed an outdoor MARMALADE for all the communal pre-schools in our part of Stockholm, as part of making culture accessible for young audiences. What an experience!

Our outdoor performance YELLOW inaugurated the Young Dance Festival in Zug, Switzerland, performing in and around the city of Zug and finishing at Theaterplatz in Luzern.

Touring took off for LITTLE SWAN LAKE, a commission for The Royal Swedish Dramatic Theater. We have met lovely audiences in fully booked shows across the country.

We are looking forward to new and exciting plans for 2022 and hope to meet you on the way.

MARMELADE och YELLOW outdoors, LITTLE SWAN LAKE on tour. Photo Christian Farcher.

Performers in the company:

David Nondorf, Linn Ragnarsson, Elin Hallgren at The Astrid Lindgren Memorial Awards. Photo Lars Lanehed.

Elin Hallgren in MARMELADE. Photo Christian Farcher.

Sofia Sosso Harryson, Jasmine Attié och David Nondorf in YELLOW. Photo Christian Farcher.

Nea Landin, Petter Wadsten and Linnéa Sundling in LITTLE SWAN LAKE. Photo Christian Farcher.

Claire Parsons Co. is an award-winning dance company making clever and elegant performing arts for children. Joyous movement and fanciful sightings of life around us make the stories keen to audiences worldwide.


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