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Premier Dec 4 at 1800
Dec 5 – Jan 29
Helsingborg City Theatre

Charlotte Engelkes is asked by Helsingborg City Theatre to create a piece for 6 actors. The show, Svansångare (the swan singers), is based on the myth of the mute Swan that only sings just before it dies and includes a number of questions posed by Charlotte to citizens of Helsingborg and others. Where do you come from, where are you going, how do you want to die and what is the most important thing to express right now? And finally: What do you believe happens after your death?

The music is a trashed version of Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake, remade by German sound designer Willi Bopp. Enthusiastic scientists, furious maidens, dead poets and the unexpected Black Swan collect round this lake.

A Dance with the fickle quirkiness of eternity.

With: Lennart Almroth, Cecilia Borssén, Petra Fransson, Ida Wallfelt, Jan Nielsen, Josef Palm. Light and Stage: Karl Svensson, Sound: Willy Bopp, Costume: Anna Ardelius, Research: Sophie Holgersson, Assistant art director: Yvonne Ericsson, Mask: Mia Petersson, Lillebel Höglund

Photo: David Skoog

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