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Oikosnet Europe Newsletter Dec 2014

This is the last newsletter for 2014. The next is planned for the end of January 2015. For those of you who have contributions to the next newsletter, please send your proposals to office@oikosnet.eu. Here at the Sigtuna Foundation, we look forward to continue to develop the office of our association in 2015. For now, I only want to wish all of you a wonderful holiday season!

Alf Linderman, Executive Director at Sigtunastiftelsen

Looking forward

By Jaap van der Sar, President of Olkosnet Europe
Wageningen (NL), 8 December 2014

Time for a change. Words which we hear more than once. Obama used them a couple of years ago “ Yes, we can.”

He indicated changes to come. Reality made it more difficult than expected and at least hoped for. Words in itself usually don’t work unless we do anything.

Yet it remains time for a change. Within Oikosnet Europe we have worked on it quite hard this year. New relations have been developed with special attention to our members in Central and Eastern Europe. Although not neglecting other parts, our members in this part of the continent face challenging times, where geo-politics influence their work heavily. What will be their future? What are the effects of the cold period in politics as they appear now? Read more 

Report from the Board meeting in Corrymeela

By Sören Lenz, Liebfrauenberg

The board of Oikosnet held its 3rd meeting of this year in Corrymeela Northern Ireland. Corrymeela is a Christian community, situated about 100km north of Belfast at the east coast of Northern Ireland whose objective is the promotion of reconciliation and peace-building through the healing of social, religious, and political divisions in Northern Ireland  It was founded in 1965 by Reverend Ray Davey and it will host our annual conference next year. The board members present in Corrymeela were Jaap van der Sar (president), Katalin Zoltani (vice-president), Marieliesa von Thadden and Sören Lenz and our new Executive Secretary Rüdiger Noll. Konstantinos Zorbas our new treasurer wasn’t able to come due to other obligations.Fortunately Hermann Düringer assisted us as a voluntary secretary to help us with the administrative work. Read more 

Walter Lüssi leaves as our treasurer

By Jaap van der Sar, President Oikosnet Europe

The treasurer has gone – long live the treasurer. That is how it goes and should go. So since Walter Lussi has left the Board in September, we have had elections and we elected Kostas Zorpas from the Orthodox Academy of Crete. The work continues and that is good! Read more 

DPC training in Corrymeela before the Annual Conference

Tensions between people, within groups and organisations – they are a normal part of life. Most of the time we deal with them rather well on a day to day basis. Sometimes however, things get more complicated. Read more 

Corrymeela welcomes you to the next Annual Conference

2015 is Corrymeela’s 50th year and we are honoured to host the 60th OIKOSNET Conference here in Northern Ireland. We would be delighted to welcome you. Please put the 9th – 13th of September 2015 in your diary.We look forward to the learning, the challenges and the fellowship. See you next year. Read more

Seedmoney for projects

By Rüdiger Noll, Executive Secretary Oikosnet Europe

At its meeting in Corrymeela (November 2014) the Board was for the first time challenged to deal with an application for supporting a project under the newly established “Criteria for Supporting Projects of Oikosnet Members by Oikosnet Europe”, which were adopted at the Annual Conference in Villigst. Read more 

4th Arab-European Citizens´ Dialogue

By Rüdiger Noll, Executive Secretary Oikosnet Europe

About 40 people from various arab and european countries as well as several guests and speakers participated in the 4th consultation of the Citizens´ Dialogue, which took place in Brussels 16 to 20 November 2014. Read more

Oikosnet Europe will be present at Kirchentag

By Marielisa von Thadden,  the Protestant Academy of Bad Boll

The next Kirchentag will take place in Stuttgart – from 3 to 7 June 2015. Its theme comes from psalm 90, “that we may become wise”.

More than 100,000 people are expected to attend Kirchentag in Stuttgart and almost half of them will be actively involved in contributing to the programme. Read more 

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