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MAY 16 - 2022


From 17 - 19 June will be the first Country Music Trail in Santa Ponsa on the area next to the roundabout and tower. This new festival wants to entertain with music and western romantic. Partner is the cowboy boots producer Tony Mora from Mallorca. Music is presented by artists like “The Pilgrims”, Mallorca, The Group Allwoods from Barcelona, Ellinor Springstrike from Sweden, the Georgian country singer Shota Adamashvili, Clodagh Lawlor and Katie McParland from Ireland, Olivia Lynn from London and the Country Sisters from Czech Republic.

Entertainment with lasso shows, mobile tattoo studio, line dance workshops, fotoshooting with costumes, prices for the most beautiful Western outfit, kids program and authentic food like barbecues with spareribs.
More information: Tickets between 34 and 44 Euro. VIP ticket fort Euro 120 includes a welcome drink and 3-course-menu.

27 June performs the Latino Star Marc Anthony at the former Aquapark area in Magaluf. Tickets:

The gallery Horrach Moya at Plaza Drassana, Palma expects from 23 July on an art highlight. Sydney Fishman curates an exhibition of the

International famous female performance artist Marina Abramovic.

20 July – 12 August Port Adriano Mallorca Festival starts with a concert of disco legend Nile Rodgers and his Band Chic.

On 6 August plays the Dire Straits Experience and

on 12 August the Scottish Pop band Texas.


In Mallorca you are allowed to shop, visit cinema, theater, fitness studios, sport events, schools and airport without mask. Obligatory wearing a mask is in pharmacies, at doctors, psychotherapists, hospitals, public transport, like bus, taxi, ship and airplane. If you have signs of Covid, they ask to wear mask for 10 days. On big concerts mask wearing is recommended.


Here som reading about how Mallorcans servants and staff in hotels and restaurants look at us, the NON Mallorcans:

The British: excessive and always in time. Very British is to show the body half naked with many tattoos and strong sunburn. English tourist is during his holiday rather lazy, moving between hotel, beach and bar. Eventually he visits a water or leisure park. He does not hesitate to spend a lot of money to have fun. Young, party willing English are impossible to control. In the restaurants they are untidy and too loud. The English tourist does not like to use public transport; he prefers taxi, even on short distances.

The Germans: correct and stubborn. Typical dressed with Adidas sandals and socks with a city map in his hands. Tourists from Germany are active. They go hiking and explore the island. Therefore they plan everything in advance, price is not so important, as long as they get for the money what they want. Holiday is a status symbol; they need to be on vacations, otherwise they cannot face the neighbors again. Germans can be strongly annoying. But mostly they are easy to handle because they are structured that way and correct. In spite of high alcohol consumption, the Germans stay peaceful, no violence. 

Mainland Spaniards: chaotic, loud and creating lots of work. Spanish tourists ask first how much something costs, without knowing what it is about. They always come too late to the restaurant and want to eat minutes before closing. Then they spend hours and leave table and floor super dirty. They love to complain - like a mixture between Italians and Germans. If you have to serve a group of Spaniards you need to make plenty of notes. One asks for a special glass, the other with crushed ice, the 3rd with ice cubes and lemon.

Spaniards like to fight, especially after alcohol consumption. But they are the ones that are the most interested in island culture, not only sun and beach.

Scandinavians are discrete and consider themselves superior. Years ago, the Swedes always discussed the price and tried to get things cheaper but that changed. Today they shop designer clothes, money does not matter. Swedes and Danish think they are something better but express this quite discrete. They tip less than expected. The youngsters enjoy night live and beach.

Italians: thrifty and loud. The typical Italian prefers the neighbor island Formentera. To rent a moped and drive over the island - perfect holiday for them. They keep the pennies together. A couple could share a coffee, even having the same budget like tourists from other countries. Their temper is not too welcome; they are even louder and more unreliable than the Spaniards, often arrogant. And they annoy in the night live - not by mass but because of their extroverted way - positive and negative.

The French: headstrong, oddballs with a peculiar character. French criticize constantly; things seem to be too bad and too expensive. They expect a lot, are very demanding. Foreign language is not their main interest. You talk to them French or French. Organized tours are not their favorite. They rather like to do their own thing, mainly by car and they find their way on the island surprisingly good without help, even places less frequented.

East Europeans: like to show off. More and more tourists from Eastern countries come to Mallorca. A meeting point for Poles, Czechs and Hungarians. They are financially better off and leave quite money on the island. They neither behave negative nor positive.Poles are very modest, most of them speak English or German, some Russian but they don’t want to admit.

Russians often behave pretentious; they consider themselves as somebody better and let you feel this. They love to show off, as well in nightlife. Russians drink the most expensive beverages and with high alcohol, what ever is available. Russians love exclusive entertainment - helicopter flights and yacht charter.

US Americans: frugal, offside. Before, the main American tourists from USA were sailors and staff from aircraft carriers and more or less sex tourists. Youngsters made some pennies by bringing the sailors to the prostitutes in Palma. But this is a long time ago.

Today the Americans are very exclusive visitors. They want to be alone, away from mass tourism. They look for 4 and 5 star hotels, money does not matter. Americans are addicted by selfies. The photo on Instagram is sometimes more important than the activity itself. They are not exacting, they take what they get without complains and not bothering about the costs. They are not uncomfortable, frugal and discrete.


- From Germany, 3.9 million
- From Great Britain, 3,4 million
- From the Spanish mainland 2,4 million 


A trip into the past, Mallorca in the year 1828. During this event the owner of the Finca Son Sureda Ric in Manacor welcomes you personally, guides through the vineyard with ecologic cultivation, shows traditional free-range animal husbandry, tells about the history and tradition of the farm and invites to try the typical gastronomy of the island. Highlight is the wine tasting of the own production. Yearly production is max 4000 bottles. You find wines from 2005, 2006 or 2007, unique on Mallorca. More information: 

Restaurant “La Gran Tortuga” in Cala Fornells has one of the most beautiful positions on the island with wide view over the sea. Run by the star chef Javier Soriano, who learned the classical style from his father Antonio, the modern style from star chef Koldo Rojo and gained knowledge in Mallorquan food with Antonia Cantallops in the Celler Can Amer in Inca. Many years he was the chef in the Hotel Jumeirah in Port de Soller.
One of Javiers best dishes is red king prawn on black rice with pieces of octopus, white Aioli dots and green Salicornia pieces, accompanied by Rose Cava. Fantastic!
They create dishes for a wide range of clients and serve either on the terrace or in the restaurant. Cocktail, coffee, cakes, tapas or big dish. Crta. Cala Fornells 37, Cala Fornells, Tel.: 971 686023,

Km 0 in the mountains: Small and clearly arranged restaurant “Cafe Med” in Fornalutx offering creative dishes, ingredients from the surrounding. Years ago, the mountain village Fornalutx was awarded the most beautiful village in Spain. The village is very picturesque and many restaurants wait for clients. Try to find the Cafe Med through a narrow path to a central square. The Hungarian owner Peter Toth and his charming wife Milena Leis run the place and cook according to the seasons with fruits and vegetables from their own garden. Fish comes from the sea around Mallorca, lamb from the fields around the island, only beef comes from Galicia. Serving less famous Mallorquan wines. Reservation is necessary. C/de sa Placa 7, Fornalutx, Tel.:

Finca Son Sureda Ric /

La Gran Tortuga /


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