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Japanese Zen Meditation with dr Marco every Sunday 17.30-19.00 start 16/1

Take a short break from your busy life. Rest your mind and encounter peace within you Your true nature. From there arises understanding of self inner strength , love and compassion for others.

Every Sunday Shen Dao center Uppsala 17.30 – 19.00   50 kr per person

17.30 - Introduction to Zazen (sitting meditation)– 20 min

18.00 – Zazen – 2 sessions, each 25 min with 5 min Kinhin (walking meditation)

19.00 – Tea is served before the end

*Event is held in English. Swedish offered if needed. You do not need to register for the event.

Zazen is 1200 years old meditation practice which belongs to Zen tradition. Zen doesn’t believe in
anything. It only says “Observe and investigate carefully, who is the one who sees, listens, feels,
thinks and experiences life here and now. Explore that”. Therefore Zen promotes study of self

“Do not follow ideas of others, but learn to listen the voice within yourself. Your body and mind"

Marko D. Simeunovic has been practicing Zen for more than 10 years.
Yearly he travels to Japan where lives and trains in Rinzai Zen Monastery
in Okayama. The training is led under instruction and supervision by one
of the greatest living Zen masters of our time Shodo Harada Roshi. Several
times per year he also attends sesshin (zen retreats) held in Germany.
When time and circumstances allow, Marko spends time in solitary
retreats in Dordorgne France. He had spent some period of time in
Himalayas where learned about self inquiry and meditation from Tibetan

Today he practices as a Medical Doctor and working with people he have
noticed alarming degree of stress in today’s society and lack of skills to
cope with it. Zen and other body-mind practices have never been of so
great importance than now

“My heartfelt wish is to try help others develop rather stable, open,
peaceful and resilient mind which gradually leads to more harmonious
way of life”

Delux Restorativ/Yoga Nidra Immersion med Trishula

Sunday 16 Januari , kl 13:00 - 16.30 Suitable for all levels. This Immersion is in English with Swedish translations when needed. 

Give yourself this gift of time for yourself. Restorative yoga with the added benefits of warm stones and sand bags. Beginning with a  gentle asana practice to aid deeper relaxation in the long held restorative positions and finishing with Yoga Nidra.
Learn tools for relaxation and stress reduction.

The Immersion is 3.5 hours and includes short refreshment break.

Price 500 SEK. Payment in advance by BankGiro 287 1473 , Trishul Yoga SWISH 1235301080 reference DR1021
Pre book by  mail, 
trishulyoga@gmail.com or sms 0707 414686.

About Trishula

Austrailian born Trishula,  is a Certified Yoga Therapist with the International Association of Yoga Therapists C-IAYT, an experienced Yoga Teacher and educator E-RYT 500.  Trishula has over 30 years personal practice and 15 years teaching experienced.  Trishula previously worked at Shen Dao teaching regular classes included many years Sunday Restorative classes. Trishula resides in the forrest in Norra Uppland with her family.  Trishula teaches is both English and Swedish

Yin Yoga onsdagar 18-19.45 start 12/1

Yinyoga MED ÅSA ENGSTRÖM 75 MIn, ONSDAGAR 18:30 - 8 GGR Pris Hela kursen: 1200 Klippkort 5 ggr: 800
Enstaka klasser: 180 man kan delta passet via Zoom ANMÄLAN.på INFO@YOGABITEN.SE

Yinyoga är en av de lugnaste yogaformerna och har en stark koppling till kinesisk medicin.

Fokus är att få bindväven att slappna av och därigenom lösa upp blockeringar i kroppen som i sin tur möjliggör att vår inre energi flödar friare och skapar förutsättningar för avslappning, i både kropp och sinne.

I mina klasser börjar vi alltid med en incheckning genom en andningsövning och kort meditation. Positionerna varierar beroende på tema för klassen och hålls mellan 3 och 5 minuter. Vi avslutar med  en härlig shavasana där du får chansen att landa med dig själv.

Qi-Gong tisdagar 19.30 start 1/2


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