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Taxi per app makes it possible to order a cab. Ntaxi: register; give in start point and destination. Soon you get an order confirmation including information about the taxi: number of the car, name of the driver, estimated price and arrival of the taxi at your pickup point.

On 10 and 11 December, TRUI Teatro presents the musical “La Llamada” with original sounds and a live band. It is a comedy about faith, friendship, first love, search of identify, the electro-Latin and Whitney Houston. The team was on stage in 30 different cities, including Moscow. Over 1 Mill people saw and enjoyed it.
Tickets: truiteatro.es

The art of a good Gin Tonic is presented in the industrial area Son Castello. For gin fans it’s the paradise. Mallorca Distillery is distillery, storage, witch kitchen and show room with bar. Here, the visitor gets to know everything about the famous cult drink and can buy these new bottles “Palma Gin”. Each bottle is an artwork, homage to the mallorquan tile art and the rosette of the cathedral. Palma Gin uses local natural ingredients, like almond blossom, lavender, tomato twigs, orange blossom, lemon, orange peel and the most important, juniper. The English Byron Holland is the inventor and manager of this special project. For Christmas he will edit a special “Christmas Gin” matured in oak barrels. Byron offers interesting sight seeing of the distillery, master courses in cocktail mixing and a 3-hour tour with gin testing. You can mix your own recipe and choose the bottle you like. Info: mallorcadistillery.com.

Richard Branson started to change an old listed mansion into “the most luxurious Hotel in the Mediterranean”. The former mansion Son Bunyola is surrounded by green terraces, mountains in the back, the sea in front. In the 140 years old main building with its defense tower are planned 29 guest bedrooms. Branson is the founder and owner of the Virgin group. He bought the 3-mill m2 area in 1994, sold it in 2002 and bought it again in 2015. He rents out already for tourists 3 smaller luxury villas, renovated country houses. From April 2022 on you can book online the noble fincas. The opening of the main house with 2 huge pools is planned for 2023.

What a beautiful town - Palma. A new illustrated book called “Palma” shows the main town of the Baleares on 320 pages. “Palma” presents carefully composed pictures of sightseeing, shops, galleries, restaurants and public buildings accompanied by texts in 3 languages. To be bought at Rialto Living, Palma or under www.mallorcas-schoene-seiten.de.

Palma de Mallorca


  • 27 Nov - 19 Dec: El Moli de Calvia, Santa Ponsa (17.00-22.00, Sat, Sun and holidays 10.00-22.00). Big market with lots of entertainment mainly for children.
  • 5 + 6 Dec: Cloister Lluc (10.00-18.00)
  • 11 Dec: Petra (17.30-21.00).
  • 11 + 12 Dec: Alaro (10.30-21.30, Sunday 10.30-17.00).
  • 16 Dec - 06 Jan: Portals Nous (12.00-21.00, weekends until 22.00).
  • 25 Dec - 02 Jan: Peguera Maha Lounge with gourmet market. They will put up 7 small kiosks with pancakes and Bavarian specialties, but as well with oysters and shrimps. New Years brunch is on 2 Jan from 14.00- 17.00.
  • The market in Carrer Pinaret 6, directly on the Toro beach is open during the week from 16.00-22.00, weekends and holidays from 14.00-22.00.
  • 19 Dec - 5 Jan: Plaza Major, Palma
  • 26 Dec - 6 Jan: Plaza Espana and Via Roma (Ramblas) Palma.
  • Arta offers a very neat indoor food market situated in a totally renovated building hidden behind the weekly Tuesday market. After strolling through the market and having crossed the court, you come on the northern corner to a inconspicuous building with the stone inscription “Mercat Munipical”. Inside they offer fresh bread, sausages, fruits and much more.
Picture: https://puertoportals.com/


Shopping on open for sale holidays on the Baleares:
12.12.2021 (Sunday)
19.12.2021 (Sunday)
02.01.2022 (Sunday)
16.01.2022 (Sunday)
14.04.2022 (Maundy Thursday)
26.06.2022 (Sunday)
15.08.2022 (Monday, Assumption Day)
04.09.2022 (Sunday)
12.10.2022 (Wednesday, Constitution Day)
27.11.2022 (Sunday)
08.12.2022 (Thursday, Maria Conception)
18.12.2022 (Sunday)
Open are big chains, shopping centers, stores, Mallorca Fashion Outlet in Marratxi (former Festival Park). Smaller shops are always allowed to open Sundays and holidays, if they feel like.

The books shop “Biblioteca de Babel” in Palma, behind the Esglesia de Sant Miquel belongs to the 20 best book shops in the world says the British daily paper “Financial Times”. Find out during your next saunter through Palma.


The Mallorquan food chain Agromart offers mainly products from local producers. They cooperate now with star chef Andreu Genestra and sell his dishes as take away. In all 22 branches of Agromart (www.agromart.es) you find starters like mushroom or chicken croquets with truffle, main dishes like chicken cannelloni with veg or noodles with meatballs and shrimps and Choco almond dessert. 8 different offers - classical dishes with local products, refined with the touch of Genestra. Genestra is famous for his 3 gourmet restaurants (“Andreu Genestra”, Capdepera, “Aromata”, Palma and “Rapeat”, s’Illot).

Restaurant “Pleno” (Almacen de Sabores 31, Palma) is a meeting point for friends of good food. The Argentine chef offers exciting dishes cooked in clay pots, a vegetarian version and a dish with chicken with jasmine rice, zucchini, Bimi, beans, chickpeas, caramelized onions, raisins, cashews, fresh herbs and spices. A delicious mix. Marcelo Tucci does the service. He is better known as fashion designer and started the restaurant together with his brother Adrian. Unfortunately Adrian got homesick and went back to Argentina. Today Lope Acopio cooks, known as former chef of the star restaurant of Marc Fosh.
Tel.: 971 778263, Instagram: Pleno Palma.

Maria Salinas is known all over the island for her good food. She cooked in several restaurants; she has her own restaurant in Mancor de la Vall, now she opened her new place “Ama” in Palma, Paseo Mallorca 18. Owner of the restaurant is the Italian Chiara Balzano and together they are the new cook team in this small but neat restaurant. Their concept is “comfort food”, food to feel good. No haute cuisine, no big experiments, no mix with Asian-oriental cooking styles, simply good Mediterranean kitchen. Spanish and Italian food and local products make most of the dishes. They offer some pastas and main dishes, salads, desserts, but mainly tapas. One of the guests favorite is a gluten free brioche bread roll made of potatoes, filled with celery mash, fried octopus and onion rings with chili mayonnaise. Close your dinner with the house cocktail Ama: vodka, rose and lime syrup, lime juice and rose leaves. Tel.: 971 291895, www.restauranteamapalma.com.


Latest technic, latest materials, latest standard, latest comfort…

Most traditional fincas in Mallorca suffer from moisture damage and humidity problems especially during the humid winters. You won't have these problems with a 'Rick Finca'! A 'Rick Finca' offers highest comfort thanks to the latest modern technic, the best materials, being constructed with high densitet blocks to keep the humidity outside the Finca.

Thirty years building fincas in Mallorca

Over the past 30 years Richard Abel has established a reputation as one of the most respected house designers in the South East of Mallorca. A ‘Rick finca’ has a recognisable style that uses the traditional vocabulary of the local farmhouses combined with a contemporary house plan. Rick has an instinctive understanding and appreciation of the local architectural style and how to combine it with the requirement of today.

Richard Abel Fincas


Only few more will be built! One of these is a smaller Finca with a total of internal approx. 160m2 situated just south of Santanyi.
Ready to move in by: May 2022

15.000 m2 land
3 bedrooms
2 bathrooms
Pool 35m2

Click here for more information

Bigger Rick Fincas available.
Interested? For more information please contact us!


Outside starts with absorbing the features of the land: orientation to sun and wind, as well as views; how to work with any special existing features such as existing trees or small abandoned structures.


We believe that the most important thing about a house interior is that it feels good to live in it, and that a rational plan with logical movement flows is a key component in achieving this.


Gardening is one of the first things we do when we take on a piece of land.  We take stock of the features of the land, both the topography and the trees and plants on it.


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