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Dear tenant,

The KI Housing office will be closed from July 3 to August 1.

During this period, you must send your urgent maintenance requests directly to the landlord (Locum). See the instructions below.

If your maintenance request is not urgent and can wait, we ask you to contact KI Housing after August 1.

KI Housing wishes you a great summer and holiday season!

Best regards,

the KI Housing team

Lost keys

If you lose your keys, we ask you to send an email to with a copy to Write "URGENT ILOQ JÄGARGATAN" in the email subject field.

In the email, we ask you to write your name, your room/apartment number and a description of what has happened.

If you lose your keys outside office hours, we refer to the information written at this link.

Please note that this email service can only be used in case of lost keys. For other urgent maintenance requests, we refer to the information below.

Maintenance service July 3 to August 1

If you have an urgent maintenance request, we ask you to follow the instructions below.

Note that there may be a delay in handling of maintenance requests as the landlord also have limited staff on duty during the holiday season. 

Please note that additional information may be posted in the entrance of the building.

Maintenance instructions during office hours

- Send your maintenance request to

- When submitting your maintenance request, we ask you to state the following details in the email:

  • That you are a KI Housing tenant
  • KI Housings’ HSA ID which is X11397
  • Your room/apartment number which is stated in the arrival information that was sent to you by email upon arrival.
  • Your name and contact details such as telephone number and email address. Please note that it is important that you give them a Swedish telephone number and a correct email address so that they can contact you.
  • Please describe your maintenance problem in detail.

When the landlord receives your maintenance request, they will contact you to book an appointment. Note that you must be at home when the maintenance coordinator comes to your room/apartment.

On-call emergency service

If an emergency situation occurs outside office hours, we refer to the information written at this link.

Note that the on-call emergency service must only be contacted for problems that risk to cause damage to property or person if they are not taken care of immediately, for example a power cut that affects the whole apartment or building, a water leak or a blocked sewage where there is a risk for flooding.

Booking related questions

If you have any booking related questions, we ask you to send an email to

Emails sent to KI Housing during the period July 3-August 1 will be read and answered when we reopen (after August 1). The date when your email is sent will be noted.

Maintenance requests before July 3 and after August 1

Before July 3 and after August 1, you are welcome to submit your maintenance request in our customer portal. • Nanna Svartz väg 6A, 171 65 Solna


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