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June, 2021

Time For Summer, and Time To Sum Things Up

Summer is upon us and it is time to sum up the first part of the year. For me personally, it becomes clearer that what we do at Extend Commerce actually makes a difference — and creates results — for both people and companies!

Since January, we have helped our customers automate hundreds, perhaps thousands of processes. With our solutions, we can streamline decisions regarding orders, inventory and purchasing and ensure that all stakeholders, such as customer, retailer, inventory and purchasing all have access to the right information – at the right time. When syncing orders, inventory and purchasing, our customers become more efficient, more relevant and more attractive as suppliers and distributors of services and products.

Now our focus is to use the summer for recovery and take advantage of the moments that give us new energy. After the holiday, we are back, and look forward to continuously grow and create value together with both new and old customers.

Now, have a wonderful summer!

Stock Balance and Shopbox

Recently, we have seen an increased demand for POS / Cash Register Systems. This offered as a connection to the cloud-based checkout system Shopbox. The solution means that by integrating both the cash register system and the store with XTND BACKEND, it also becomes part of the business' processes.

When the The store then functions as a warehouse where you have complete control of your balance – both in the store and within other parts of the company. Since the store is also its own sales channel, its sales are visible in the total stock balance, at the same time as goods can be ordered from other warehouses. When the store becomes an integral part of the multi-channel setup, click-and-collect management is also made possible. Click-and-collect becomes more common, not least to reduce returns and create additional sales.

Integrating warehouse and cash register systems, orders, purchases and warehouses will follow smoothly – regardless of where the product has been sold. Shopbox also offers many additional features such as gift cards, loyalty programs and more. Support for Swish and Klarna will also be added shortly.

New Customers at Extend Commerce

The massive growth in e-commerce during the pandemic continues, and has lead to new opportunities among both existing and new customers. During spring, several new and extensive collaborations were started and we have noticed an increasingly clear trend: that efficiency and control of orders, inventories and purchases create new business opportunities.

Racketdoktorn Is Spot On

Suddenly everyone, yes, EVERYONE, are into padel; meaning racquets and other equipment are needed! Racketdoktorn sells Babolat, one of the largest brands in padel, and has recently experienced a real upswing and together we have implemented a combination of Extend and Fortnox. Racketdoktorn works with both B2B and B2C and has benefited particularly from our ABC-balance, which makes it possible to manage different balances for different target groups. With different channels for consumers and retailers, they get both control of the stock and the balance, and a clearer distribution of levels between them.

DX Racer Sits Safely

Our customer MaxGaming continues its growth journey and has added the brand DX Racer and a large selection of gaming chairs to its already wide range. With a previous integration to Askås and Extend Commerce, another business area could easily be added. The gaming sector is expanding strongly and MaxGaming has set its sights on max – and we are happy to be part of their journey.

Drakenberg Sjölin Gilds the World

Drakenberg Sjölin sells jewelry for all occasions – in Sweden and internationally. With a growing market, a connection was needed between their web shop in WooCommerce and Extend Commerce, which also enabled a flexible B2B web shop. In addition to the digital channels, there is also a physical store; and with a connection between them and control throughout the process, Drakenberg Sjölin is now ready to take the next step on their growth journey.


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