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Join forces with us in new projects!

Greetings from Sweden!

We are the Energy Agency for Southeast Sweden – 20 employees and experts seated in the beautiful coastal area by the Baltic Sea. You have received greetings from us because you, or your organisation, share our goals and mission - to attain a sustainable energy system. It is also likely that we may have worked together in various important initiatives.

Our current situation!

We are at a critical time, the climate and ecological crisis is rapidly escalating and it is urgent to carry out a green transition. Your organisation as well as ours, understand that our combined actions must accelerate to fight the climate change, and we need to fight it together.

The local and regional energy agencies all over Europe are important facilitators. Together we hold a fantastic amount of knowledge, technical expertise and an overall system perspective. We share our knowledge by providing impartial services both to users, private and public authorities, which leads to actions and improvements.

New goals are coming!

The Energy Agency for Southeast Sweden is getting ready to support EU's “Fit for 55” and the Green Deal. By preparing and looking forward to the upcoming EU-programs, we see a lot of fantastic potential. We have many ideas for interesting new initiatives, and we are eager to listen to yours! Do not hesitate to contact us, we look forward to hear from you! And please, feel free to forward this to your colleagues!

Join us, and be a part of the force of energy agencies that are changing Europe!

Best regards

/Christel Liljegren

Managing Director, Energy Agency for Southeast Sweden
Member of the board, Energikontoren Sverige, the union of the 15 regional energy agencies in Sweden
Vice-President for Mobility and Transport Board, FEDARENE

About us

We are a non governmental organisation, owned by municipalities and regions in Southeast Sweden. Our aim is to support and facilitate improvements in energy efficiency and increase the supply of renewable energy sources, through initiatives and activities towards private and public operators. 

Our experts have a broad and deep competence in terms of knowledge, skill and experience through practice and education in sustainable transports and fuels, energy efficient housing and building, biomass for heat and power, solar energy, wind power and much more. Our fields of expertise also cover knowledge in behavioural changes, strategic planning, sustainable procurement, circular economy, and sustainable business development. 

We are an active part of Energikontoren Sverige, the umbrella organisation for all regional energy agencies in Sweden.

We are also members of Fedarene, the international organisation for all 360 energy agencies in Europe.

Local and regional presence as a strategy

Through the years we have created a wide network and a firm local and regional knowledge about the energy system and all its key actors. This gives us a unique position to facilitate processes, create cooperations and valuable synergies.

A reliable and experienced partner

We have a wide experience of leading as well as developing projects financed by various EU programmes. We have our empolyees to thank for this. For example:

Lena Eckerberg, our Head of Development, has more than 20 years of experience in project developing. She is also a special adviser within energy efficiency, regional development and behavioral issues. She handles project inquiries and questions regarding funding and collaboration possibilities.

Jimmy Landegren,our knowledgeble Project Accountant, has been managing our project economics for the past 12 years. He has a vast experience from working with EU funded projects as well as other financiers. His competence is invaluable to our organisation and greatly contributes to our reputation as a reliable project partner. 

Our fields of expertise

Energy efficiency

We have a long running experience of coaching for energy efficiency, whereof one is the method of night walks; on-site energy surveys with a view held at times when businesses are closed, to identify areas of energy waste. Read more about night walks.

Sustainable energy

We have windpower experts focusing on bridging barriers for wind powerplants, cooperating with regional actors. The great interest of PV is met by projects in spatial planning and capacity raising projects in the region. 

We are investigating the challenges in the Swedish electricity supply system and finding ways to support the transition to electrical vehicles and renewable fuel, whereof biogas and renewable hydrogen are two important pieces of the puzzle. We also collaborate with universities in developing a sustainable usage for biomass. 

  • Did you know? According to our research, it is more cost efficient to use electrolysis as a method to produce renewable hydrogen for vehicles, rather than reforming biogas. 

Sustainable transport and mobility management

Mobility management and working for a sustainable transport sector has always been a big focus for us. In order to attain this, we initiate actions to increase the number of cargo bikes, introduce electrical solutions for commuting and methods for behavioural change such as "nudging" to facilitate new mind sets. 

  • Did you know? Cargo bikes are best suited for city driving, but our evaluations show that cargo bikes work well even in smaller cities and that municipalities can play an important role in the shift towards a more sustainable transport system. Setting up a bike library or pool is an effective starting point to make cargo bikes a more common transport alternative. Read more

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The Energy Agency for Southeast Sweden aims to support and facilitate improvements in energy efficiency and increase the supply of renewable energy sources, through initiatives and activities towards private and public operators.

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