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MAY 2021

Picturesque harbour village: Porto Colom


The indoor section of restaurants and cafés still will stay closed, approx. until 23 May. Outdoor service is possible on all tables and constantly open on all weekdays  between 6 and 22.30. Max 4 persons are allowed on one outdoor table, except bigger groups from the same household.
No permission to go out from 23.00 until 6.00.
Shops open 75%, shopping centers and warehouses 50% until 21.00, on Sundays and holidays only 30%. Fitness studios, public indoor and outdoor swimming pools are open 50%. 15 persons can train outdoor or hike together.


The new exhibition “Nuestros cielos, nuestra historia” give exciting information about the aviation in the Baleares. Until 15 July in Claustre de San Bonaventura in Lluchmajor. They show uncommon models and photos from the 90th on.

Festival Mallorca Live Summer will take place from 18 June to 1 August in the former Aquapark Calvia. The Spanish female singer Rozalen will open the open-air concerts. M-Clan (20 June), Sidonie (25 June), Iseo&Dodosound (26 June), Fuel Fandango (27 June), Don Patricio (9 July), DePedro (11 July), Amaral (16 July), Prok (22 July), Zahara (23 July).

Geiser Festival on the show stage Son Amar will present 6 concerts: Juanito Makande (22 May), Zoo (28 May), Mastodante (29 May), Green Valley (5 June), Arnau Griso (12 June), La Pegatina (19 June).

The orange valley around Soller celebrates its gastronomic highlight, the “taronja”. Until 31 May, over 20 restaurants in Soller, Port de Soller and Fornalutx offer dishes with oranges. Get more information: about menus and sweet delicacies.
Restaurant “El Guia” e.g. in Soller presents citrus salad with shrimps and orange vinaigrette and steamed merluza (hake) “a la Meunière” with an orange sauce and vegetables of the season. Enjoy!

After a long pause, every Sunday, the famous and biggest flea market on the island in the industrial area in Consell is back again. The open air “mercadillo” is situated in a wide area, wearing a mask is standard.

Walking along the Parc de la Mar in Palma, you can see the big bronze sculpture “Usagi Kannon” of the Japanese/Swiss artist Leiko Ikemura. The hybrid female fairy with animal ears (the name means “rabbit Madonna” in Japanese) is a lovingly symbol of hope, care and live. You can walk into the figure and discover light games given by holes in the material, reminding of the universe. The figure will be there until August, as well a small sculpture and a painting of the artist in the window of Casal Solleric in Passeig del Born.

Parc de la Mar in Palma

Orange valley around Sóller: Fornalutx

Harbour in Palma


  • Along Paseo Maritimo, Palma, on asphalt.
  • “Park Sa Riera” in Palma, on fine grained sand, one big round is 700m.
  • Parking area of the stadium of Real Mallorca. The street leads to the cemetery of “La Vileta”, further to an electricity mast with stone benches to relax. Best view over the bay of Palma. Back over the golf court Son Quint and the school La Salle to the stadium.
  • In the monastery complex “La Porciuncula” in Arenal leads a path through forest, 2 km round course.
  • The park around the Castell Bellver, Palma offers something for all levels. Start at the quarter Sa Teulera, 2 km up to the Castell, total round approx. 4 km, with signs.
  • A good start point is the private Clinique Palmaplanas, over the Cami de la Real to the University, on asphalt but through the nature. Approx. 5 km to the campus, there a round of 1 1/2 km and – if you are trained - on to Parc Bit.
  • From S’Estanyol leads a walking/jogging path to Cala Pi, approx. 7 km. Follow the coast line along the sea.
  • “Via Verde” is the former train track from Manacor to Arta, 29 km in total.
  • “Sant Salvador” at Felanitx - short but uphill, approx. 8 km on asphalt, preferable morning and evening with less cars.
  • Around the “Cuber Lake” close to Puig Major you can jog 5 km.
  • Portocolom: from the harbor and along the coast to Cala Murada, between 5 and 10 km.

Porto Colom

Cuber Lake


Many animal babies are born this year in the Safari Zoo Sa Coma. Time to spend a day watching lemurs, monkeys, over 600 animals. The zoo is done in 3 parts, starting with the safari zone. Along 3 km you pass African savanna animals, like zebras, Wakassi cattle, Elen antelope, the world biggest antelopes, including Nilgau antelopes and Deer Goat antelopes from Asia. In the “Centro de conversacion” is a garden with local turtles and frogs. There lives an elephant, formerly kept in a circus, with a donkey, a giraffe, white kangaroos, a flight incapable Kasuar bird. Due to the pandemic they had to close nearly one year and hope now for many guests. Open 09.30-18.30.


New ferries will connect Mallorca with the main land and neighbor islands. The “Eleanor Roosevelt” from “Balearia Ferries” will cruise between Denia, Ibiza and Palma. It is the first fast ferry operating with liquid gas, transporting up to 1200 passengers and 450 cars. “Corsica Ferries” operate between Alcudia, Ciutadela/Menorca and Toulon.
Starting end May, the German FRS (Foerde Reederei Seetouristik) will operate Alcudia-Ciutadella/Menorca, from June on as well Ibiza-Formentera.
Italian GNV, a daughter of MSC, will  start in July (to be booked on, operating Palma-Barcelona and Palma-Valencia, some with stop in Ibiza.


On 15 May at 7 in the morning started the Mallorquan Bernat Ximena an extreme triathlon over 515 km and 30 hours to collect money for Mallorca Sense Fam (people without income). 10km swimming in the sea, 420 km bicycling and double marathlon.


52 year old Nicolai Gerhardt from Hamburg has the longest breath in Mallorca. He won the Balearic championship in apnea diving, 6 minutes and 30 seconds in a public swimming pool in Calvia.

Palma International Boat Show


The yearly boat show is planned to be this year from 3-6 June. Max 1500 visitors per day are accepted, ticket only online.


Restaurant “Pleno” in Palma offers a versatile card in casual posh ambience. Many dishes are prepared in Roman pots. The adviser in the kitchen is Lope Acopio, former chef of Marc Fosh’s star restaurant. He creates a very diversified, exciting card on high level, using mainly bio products. Interesting breakfast offers start the day in this pretty restaurant in the Avenida Argentina 31, Tel.: 971-778263, Instagram: Pleno Palma.

Restaurant “Anoa” in Santanyi, run by a couple from Netherlands, gained No 1 at Tripadvisor in a list of nearly 60 restaurants in and around Santanyi. Very informal, C/ de s’Aljub, 32. Tel.: 971-653315, FB: Anoa Santanyi.

The 4 elements are the headline for very special culinary events in the Restaurant Flanigan in Puerto Portals. On 26 May, 13.00 o’clock, price 110 Euro incl beverages (water, wine, Champagne), starts the event “Mar”, water. The dishes are done with what the sea offers, like oysters, seafood, caviar, mussels, fish, octopus, seaweed. You will get snacks, 3 tapas, 4 dishes, 2 desserts and Petits Fours. The exact dish they let you know directly there - as a surprise. Served in the 1st floor on the roofed terrace. Gastroevent Mar, Local 16, reservations: Tel.: 971-679191, FB: Gastroevents.

Puerto Portals


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