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Charlotte Engelkes - Snow Queen
Photo: Per Morten Abrahamsen

February 7 - March 8, 2014. Charlotte Performs the SNOW QUEEN at Theatre Republique Copenhagen.

The SNOW QUEEN is H.C. Anderson enchanted tale of little Gerda who travels to the end of the world to find her childhood friend Kay. His heart has been pierced by a splinter from a malevolent mirror and he now resides with the seductive and ice cold Snow Queen.

The team behind the sold out Gastronomic Theatre experience "The Prophecy of the Volva" have now created yet another magical universe that stimulates all our senses. The show becomes a thrillingly tasty experience where sounds and smells turn into extraordinary visuals.

Food artist Mette Martinussen is renowned for her loving food tales and the audience can expect adventurous food on little Gerda's journey, including heavenly pastry and succulent hare on a spit.

The international Performancediva Charlotte Engelkes returns to Republique as the beautiful and icy Snow Queen. She also played the drunken, treacherous Queen Mother in Republique's HAMLET.

The audience will join Gerda's visual coming of age journey through seven different locations, consisting of strange and desolate areas, enchanted gardens and roaring rivers. She has to suffer many a hardship on her quest to find her beloved Kay and on the way she grows from child to young woman.

Premiered February 6, 2014 at Theatre Republique Copenhagen, Denmark.
Performances February 7 - March 8

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IDEA, VISUAL & EATABLE CONCEPT Martin Tulinius, Dorte Holbek & Mette Martinussen
DIRECTOR Martin Tulinius
WITH Charlotte Engelkes
FOOD ARTIST Mette Martinussen
CHEFS Mette Dahlgaard, Casper Aaquist, Claudia Canzanella, Augusta Sørensen, Daniel Savi, Samuel Envall Utbult
DRAMATURG Sanna Albjörk
ACTORS AND DANCERS Tilde Elme, Sarah Hedegaard Pedersen, Tine Östergaard, Hildur Bibi Tryggvadottir, Sophia Grönlund, Sophie Larsen, Morten Vong, Anton Ludvigssen, Oscar la Cour Bödtcher-Jensen, Johan Uhrskov-Benedixsen, Stine Primdahl, Julie Gaarskjär, Sandra Louise Lindqvist Mahmoud, Christina Tranholm, Sarah Little, Cecilia Lambert, Asta Bugge Visholm, Josephine Skjöldborg, Freja Vejstrup, Kamilla Reinholdt Pedersen, Malene Westergaard, Jacobe Orry Rindom, Gina Marchwinski, Mette KLakstein Wiberg, Ole Pedersen, Kim Bork, Nicolai Jörgensen, Zainab Ahmed, Lukas Toya, Nikolaj Hansen, Zawi Gnahore, Mikkel Colfach, Clara Lundblad
PRODUCTION Republique Theatre

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