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Photo: Mats Bäcker

About the production

Very Wagnerian Night by Charlotte Engelkes will present the first two parts of Engelkes' Wagner project The Very Ring: the performances Miss Very Wagner and Siegfried - The Very Wagner Hero Hour. The evening will also give an exclusive preview of All is Divine, the part yet to come, which will open at the Royal Swedish Opera in March 2013.

Bringing her artistic crew together with Asian artists, Engelkes wants to explore myths and fairytales we have been brought up with in Asia and in Europe. What similar dragons and heroines and messages do these stories carry? How do they affect us today? What will happen if we mix these European and Asian heroes, symbols and artistic expressions?

This will be explored during a workshop in Singapore held from 14-18 May 2012, together with a handful of Singaporean artists. The outcome of this workshop will end Very Wagnerian Night, giving a glimpse of what is yet to be.

Sound designer Willi Bopp, in collaboration with his co-creators, compiles for all performances, a soundtrack of the very best of Wagner's music, interspersed with completely new material.

Production credits

By and With: Charlotte Engelkes, Lindy Larsson

Text: Charlotte Engelkes, Sophie Holgersson,
Marina Steinmo*

Sound: Willi Bopp

Music: Willy Bopp, Richard Wagner

Light: Karl Svensson

Costume: Anna Ardelius, Lotta Nilsson*

Stage manager: Henrik Enar

All is Divine Workshop and Showing-Local Collaborators: Brian Gothong Tan, Celine Rosa Tan, Chan Sze-Wei, Darius Tan, Fazli Ahmad, Rayve Tay

Production: Astarte/Birgit Lindholm

* Miss Very Wagner


Miss Very Wagner
Charlottes Engelkes' one-woman-show Miss Very Wagner is taking stock of Wagner's opera heroines, in search of female power that delivers what it promises. Miss Very Wagner is a solo filled with love affairs, passion, destruction, sail canvas and heart-rending swansong. The performance opened at Dansens Hus in Stockholm in 2006 and has been shown at Euro-Scene Leipzig, Radial System Berlin, New Moves International Glasgow, Grand Teatre de la Ville de Luxembourg, Noorderzon Festival in Groningen, Gran Teater for Dans Aarhus, Ecole superieure d'arts et medias de Caen, TAK Theater Liechtenstien, amongst others.

Miss Very Wagner was made in co-production with Sasha Waltz and Guests/Berlin, Grand Theatre de la Ville de Luxembourg and Dansens Hus/Stockholm.

Siegfried - The Very Wagner Hero Hour
In this free and easy sequel of Miss Very Wagner, Charlotte Engelkes turns her interest to the male heroes in Wagner's world. In a specially made solo, the actor, singer and dancer Lindy Larsson plays the hero seeking his way among full and half gods, tight blood ties, self-pitying dragons, extinct birds and women sleeping in fire. The work examines heroism as well as the feeling of growing up a stranger in one's own home. Siegfried-The Very Wagner Hero Hour opened in Dansens Hus, Stockholm in 2011 and is now for the first time, shown outside Sweden.

All Is Divine
In this final part of The Very Ring, as in Wagner's Götterdämmerung, the end of the world is inevitable. But it is also the beginning of a new one. All our beliefs can be questioned, maybe even abandoned. What is our future relation to power, gold and pride? What do we desire?

Miss Very Wagner and Siegfried -The Very Wagner Hero Hour has been made with the kind support of the Swedish Arts Council, Cultural Department of Stockholm, The Arts Grants Committee and the Goethe Institute, Stockholm.

The tour to Singapore is supported by the Swedish Arts Council and The Arts Grants Committee.

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