Nyhetsbrev från Silverdals Kulle med senaste nytt. Se det i webbläsaren.

Annual Meeting

Participation at the annual meeting was very low, which we from the board really regret. We remind you once again that this is an important opportunity for everyone to participate and influence their accommodation. The minutes of the annual meeting can be requested from the board via email: styrelsen@silverdalskulle.se

During the AM we voted for a new board: Annelie Löf (chairman), Kim Hellströmer (vice chairman), Jennie Cederlund Janevi (secretary), Sofie Ehrström (treasurer), Martin Schönfelder (property), Andreas Bolmenstam (real estate), Amir Khatibinaz (member), Anita Sjöholm (member), Raffael Guariglia (alternate), Charlott Richardson (alternate).


We would like to remind you that all green areas belongs to the association and not to individual residents. It is not allowed for anyone to decide over the green areas that connect to decks, these are handled by the TTF.


Keep in mind that only gas and electric barbeques are allowed on decks/balconies. If you have a charcoal barbeque, place it in the yard away from the houses so that you do not disturb neighbors with smoke.

Fire Hazard

There are many loose objects in multiple staircases. Please remove. For bicycles and prams, we refer to the different stores that are in the houses. In M24 work is ongoing to make part of the electric room to a room for baby carriages.


The board will take a summer break and the next regular board meeting will be on August 10th. Therefore the time to respond to your emails can be a little longer during holiday season, but we are trying to get back to you as soon as we can.
We wish you all a nice summer!

Sent out by the board of the tennant association Silverdals kulle. 
If you have questions, email us: styrelsen@silverdalskulle.se

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